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    Good Morning
    I am a supply chain thesis student from Italy. One of my task that I am feeling confused about and need an expert advice in the field of forklift optimization. My task is to track forklifts and I need to know can I track the movements of the forklift since there are no tech to be used. I feel I have to manually do the tracking. I would like to know:

    1. how to make optimized tracking diagram on the layout of company ?
    2. which data to collect and how ?

    Thank you

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    I donít have much experience with forklift and this is the first time that Iíve heard of forklift tracking. Over here, forklifts are operated manually and most warehouses use a schedule sheet similar to the one used by the dispatcher of trucks. The forklifts are numbered with a designated driver plus the particular task to be handled. If the assigned rack is checked then that is one way of tracking the forklift regarding the tasks that it had done. There is no automation for now.


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      Hi Hassan,

      if you could advice something for the future I would rather suggest to go with tracking automation. There are systems on the market designed for that. Even very precise ones like UWB or RFID, as for forklifts you have possibility to power supply transmiters/receivers. If transmiters/receivers need to live long only on battery there are other technologies using bluetooth, but less precise.
      For more information please have a look at short animation or check out the white paper