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Transportís dependence on trucks for land movement of cargo

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  • Transportís dependence on trucks for land movement of cargo

    Our government is focused on the urban areas for the mass transport system which leaves businesses on their own devices. The truck is the primary transport method for land travel of goods because the railway system in the city is for human passengers only. I have mentioned so many times that trucking business have so many problems. Thereís the truck ban in the daytime, the bad roads, the checkpoint where cops and traffic officers would hail the trucks and other obstacles that hamper the delivery of the trucks. Lucky are you if trucking is very efficient for delivery.

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    I couldn't agree more about what you say on trucks transportation having lots of challenges which hampers the smooth process of goods and services transportation. In my opinion, I would like to point out that rail or train transportation seems to be the best form of transportation when land is concerned but the problem is that not all states have a functioning railway system, thereby making it impossible to make use of railways to transport products.