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Total safety of delivery vehicles regarding drivers

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  • Total safety of delivery vehicles regarding drivers

    It is noticeable that news reports are rife with accidents involving trucks. The most common reason is the faulty brake or loss of brake. I sometimes wonder if the reported reason of the accidents was true. How come that there are so many trucks on the road with brake failure? I guess it is driver error most often but the reported reason was the faulty brakes. Maybe trucking companies should be choosy in hiring drivers. They should have a standard driving exam to determine not only the capability to drive but also the psychology of the applicant driver.

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    We have a lot of accidents here in Australia. Often it is due to Fatigue, Speed, Faults.........and Drugs

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      It's a common problem with most big trucks to not have good brake systems and together with how some irresponsible truck drivers speed the huge vehicle, makes it impossible for the brakes to hold firmly when it's called to question. In my opinion, I have reason to believe that the best way to tackle this problem would be to have all trucks set on speed limits like most transport companies vehicles. This would reduce the way the drivers speeds up and as well cut down cases of accidents.