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3 Typical Supply Chain Struggles for Small to Medium Enterprises

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  • 3 Typical Supply Chain Struggles for Small to Medium Enterprises

    Managing supply chains is never an easy task for the smaller enterprise. There are just so many elements that are (or appear to be) outside of your companyís direct control.

    Your success depends on the performance of every partner involved in the supply chain, some of which will be SMEs like your own, dealing with the same small-business struggles, while others will be larger enterprises with which your company can never seem to exercise any influence.

    The position of the SME within the supply chain can often be an unenviable one, with the following three aspects being particularly challenging to master. Indeed, if your company is struggling with any of the issues below, you can be assured that many of your peers are dealing with similar difficulties. (1) Freight and Transportaion Management (2) Customer Service (3) Logistics Outsourcing. You can read the full blog here:

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    Very helpful. Thank You


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      Over here the main problem of SMEs regarding transport is the road culture. Itís not really about the bad driving or the heavy traffic (although it is a big problem) but the issues regarding the truck inspections. It is noticeable that traffic officers are very active at dusk until dawn. They are stopping the trucks like a checkpoint for inspection. If the route of the truck has 10 checkpoints then the delivery may be late by half a day. That is the culture that presents as one of the biggest problems of transport companies for the supply chain industry.