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Self-Driven Trucks anyone?

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  • Self-Driven Trucks anyone?

    Hy guys,
    What do you think about self-driving vehicles? Would they improve safety? Would they actually become a reality in the trucking industry?
    With all the chatter about achieving completely autonomous vehicles, could this be harmful to the overall effort and underlying cause?

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    I have seen a documentary on tv about self-driving vehicles. One of the problems encountered are situations that are not predictable like a wayward vehicle or a calamitous event. Maybe the system will work well with delivery trucks that travel on the highway because there is not much interference like when it is traveling on secondary roads. But over here I donít think self-driving trucks can succeed because there is bad road culture that will defy any system designed for self-driving vehicles.


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      In the western world, self driving trucks might be possible one day but at the moment, I don't think that it would be possible or a welcoming development because of the nature of trucks.

      Trucks are bigger vehicles which makes it a lot harder to control unlike the small private cars. There are lots of self driven cars today but they are restricted to specific routes in order to prevent accidents.

      But self driving trucks, I'm definitely not seeing it happening anytime soon.