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What are the Common Supply Chain Mistakes to Avoid?

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  • What are the Common Supply Chain Mistakes to Avoid?

    I have a ‘top 10’ list of common Supply Chain mistakes. But let’s not call them mistakes, because that sounds too negative.

    We’ll call them ‘missed opportunities’. And generally they are really expensive missed opportunities—expensive in financial terms, as well as in poor customer service and reduced sales! Read the full blog here:

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    I reckon a lack of Strategy and Focus!
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      One missed opportunity that is on top of my head now is the pricing war of the suppliers. There is a season when suppliers would cut down on their prices to relieve them of heavy inventory especially for items that are nearing the expiration date. If your warehouse is caught flat-footed with an excess of old stock then you tend to lose in the price war. It pays to be aware of the trends in the market especially for fast-selling consumer items.


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        Of all the mistakes that I have picked a very good interest in would be on the issue of having to overlook your customers needs (Customer care service). Every business establishment in the world exists for the sole purpose of satisfying their business customers or clients because without them, the existence of such business is useless and hold no monetary value.

        Now, how can you get the best out of your business without carrying your customers all along? It's not possible to achieve your business goals and objectives with being at war with your supposed business clients who live to purchase your products and services.

        Maintain a very good relationship with your customers, find out what they crave, offer high quality products, and even offer them incentives to help keep their loyalty in continued patronizing of your products and services.