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Does robotics in Warehouses work?

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  • Does robotics in Warehouses work?

    Is there anyone in this forum, who has an experience with robotics in warehouses? I have heard and read a lot about this, how robotics could be helpful in generating revenue, easing out logistics and improving the overall supply chain management. I personally think at this stage the implementation would be quite complex and costly for smaller companies. I know automation has changed the supply chain for good, do you think about robots working in warehouses and other aspects of logistics? Please share your thoughts, experiences or opinions.


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    Re: Does robotics in Warehouses work?

    I have certainly seen a few applications of Robotics in warehouses.

    It's simply a case of justifying the investment with a reduction in labour cost really.
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      Re: Does robotics in Warehouses work?

      You are right. Implementation is complex and costly for most small companies. However, if you have repetitive and clearly defined operational processes it is possible to implement robotics even for small operations. As Rob O'Byrne said, it comes down to a reduction of costs and if I may add, practicality.


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        Re: Does robotics in Warehouses work?

        So to what extent do you think machines can/would take over? I agree, for smaller businesses it is much more complex. But if one had to start with this venture, where do you think in a warehouse should this begin?
        Also, which industry do you think needs to invest in automation more?
        Should Food and Drink Warehousing Industry Investment in Automation?
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          The issue is that the use of robotics can't be adequately enough to eliminate human labor in supply chain and logistics management. It would go a long way in helping achieve some sort of increased efficiency but not on its own alone. Human labor is still as important as the use of robots.


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            My experience with warehousing is about IT products but I didnít know that there are robotics or automation in warehouses here even now. We are still manual when it comes to operation particularly with the unloading and uploading of products to and from the warehouse with the use of the forklift. I guess there are mechanized warehouses in the US that uses big conveyor belts for moving the items in the warehouse that can also assist in the inventory.