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How to fix web browser slowing down error with Norton Setup?

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  • How to fix web browser slowing down error with Norton Setup?

    Nowadays, most of our daily activities can be done online using a web browser. When connected to the internet, you can share information with the whole world. As the users of the online world are growing, so does the option of web browsers. Nobody is limited to using just single or even default browser on their computer. Some of the common browsers that you might have come across are Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. You can get ultimate protection against online threats by using Norton Setup Product Key.
    You may have faced the issue of web page slowing down when using a modern browser. When faced with this problem, you may either wait or close the current browser window. However, this might not fix your problem and could lead to loss of your information or data. If the whole browser freezes, you may not be able to exit it. This issue has gradually been resolved in the latest version of web browsers, the problem could still occur occasionally.

    Solutions to fix web page slow down error
    Clear site data and cookies You may face this error on websites which are heavy on resources such as YouTube, Google Maps, and others. When you visit these websites, it stores cache on your computer which makes it easier to load the page. However, it can also delay the loading of other websites which you have not visited before. As a solution, you could clear all the cookies and locally stored website data from your browser. You can protect all of your devices from cyber threats with Norton Antivirus from
    1. At first, go to settings of your browser and search for clear data. As an alternative, you can also press Ctrl+Shift+Delete which works as a shortcut.
    2. Under the history menu, you will need to click on Clear History which helps you to clear all the website data.
    3. Make sure that you check all the boxes including Browsing and Download History, Cookies, Cache, and Active Logins.
    4. Now, select Clear Now to remove all your browser data. Once cookies and cache are cleared, restart your web browser for a new, refreshing experience.
    Change settings on the browser This solution is mainly recommended for users who are experienced with the computer. You can follow the steps mentioned below to easily change the settings on your web browser. Finally, you can a security solution for multiple devices from
    1. Firstly, you need to visit the configuration page of your browser. You may see a warning about the risk, simply choose the proceed option.
    2. Now, type process Hang on the search bar which you might find on the upper side of the page. Next, you need to select dom. ipc. Process Hang Monitor.
    3. Tap on the toggle option and select True or False.
    4. Lastly, simply restart your internet browser and verify if the issue has been resolved or not. If the issue persists, you could try the above method to troubleshoot the error.