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Male or Female products which one sells more?

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  • Male or Female products which one sells more?

    Products are basically made for the public consumption with respect to the male and female as well as children. From observation and statistics, female are more in population all over the world, so does this in any way give products specifically produced for female use only have more sales than the ones produced for the male ones?

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    During the Christmas season when I start to make a list of gifts, I have noticed that I always have difficulty in thinking of a gift for men. Itís not that I am a woman but there are more items that can serve as a gift for women. Men have only few personal gifts. When I had a boutique I also had a variety of womenís items and the menís items are just a few.


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      From your statistics, it means that men aren't really much into purchasing such gift items for themselves more often than women does for themselves. It's even supported with a scenario where men would be likened to purchase gifts for women, their wife, daughters, mother, grandmother but none for themselves in most cases.


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        I have to agree that products intended for the female have more variety but we cannot say the same in terms of sales. Since the usual assumption regarding *** is that 50% male and 50% female so I guess the sales would be just equal in number. However, I have to admit that women buy more and if we consider the gifts that men give to women then maybe female products sell more.


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          Actually based on demographic analysis, women are supposedly higher in numbers when it comes population, so it's only logical that they have more products associated with them when it comes to the sales quantity because they are higher in numbers, so the male will never outrank them when it comes to number of sales associated with their products.