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Cost to Serve - The Supply Chain 'Secret Sauce' - Video

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  • Cost to Serve - The Supply Chain 'Secret Sauce' - Video

    A simple example of cost to serve understanding.

    Rob O'Byrne
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    Interesting. Look forward to a more detailed video.......


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      From what I understand in the video, it looks like the secret sauce is the volume or quantity of the delivery and processing. Just like the Chinese style of business – they have little markup when the sale is by volume. It is better to sell by volume than by small quantities because in the long run your business will grow. By the way, may I suggest that you use a “lapel mic” when recording your video so that the audio will be clearer. I have to admit that I have difficulty in understanding the audio although it’s not garbled though.


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        I would like to commend the great effort dished in to making such a nice and informative video, although it had its flaw in low audio quality but I'm very sure that you can still improve on that. When it comes to sales, it's the quick turn over that helps you to make more profit and expand your business faster. This is actually why wholesalers seems to boom faster than retailers because they sell in volumes instead of single stock.