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I am a project Manager Feeling bad for not being experience in logistic

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  • I am a project Manager Feeling bad for not being experience in logistic

    Hi guys ,

    I have joined this company as a project manager .

    My objective was to break into logistic and supply chain field .

    The CEO of the company told me to learn as I please , at the same time the General Manger who's the right hand of the CEO have a a very tough personality to deal with , learning from him need a huge amount of passion .

    He always keep telling me you will not succeed in landing any project for us since you don't have the experience .

    From past 2 months I learn quite a bit , but sometime I get stuck in when I hear some technical term being used .

    I need a complete course , from which I can learn the sea freight , any suggestion ?

    Thank you ..

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    I can fully understand your plight because I had the same experience to man a warehouse with nary an experience. What I did in order to learn the ropes is to check on the terminology. You have to know the words and terms that are used in the industry so you will not be confused. Next is the operation that you can observe from end to end just to have a complete idea of what the business is all about. Donít be intimidated in communicating with your superiors because you can learn a lot from them provided you have the patience to ask what you need to know.