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  • Seasonal product sales

    Every season comes with its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to products that thrive in sales at that particular point in time of the season. Take for instance, during the winter season, cold weather jackets boom in sales, rain boot, umbrella and so on, and the same thing is applicable in summer season. Let us not forget festive seasons like Christmas holidays, Easter, New year and so on. There are so many opportunities to capitalize and boost one's sales.

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    It is nearing the Christmas season once again and the ports are starting to get busy with the imported goods in preparation for the December sales. But there’s no rush since companies should have ordered in advance as early as June. The problem is when you are importing current products that follow fashion or craze that when the importation arrives the products are already obsolete.


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      Currently, we are stuck with the shutdown of our country's boarder because ever since then nothing has been resolved and problems are facing the products sellers because they are facing rapid increase in prices of almost all products. With Christmas almost around the corner, I really wonder how we are going to cope.