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  • Van shop sales

    Mobile shop sale is simply van sales in which the business owners drives with the state metropolitan area with megaphone mounted on the van advertising and selling several products. Such business owners have already mapped out his business route and maintain such course on daily basis because his customers would be expecting him to drive by at one particular time.

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    This reminds me of the medicine man in the olden days. He would arrive on a busy street to set up his wares. He would be holding a big snake to catch the attention of the public. After his spiel, he would peddle the small bottles of medicine for headache, stomach ache and other aches. After a few hours he would get into his vehicle and drive away for another location of his marketing activity.


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      From my observations so far in such businesses, it seems quite interesting because from their antics, they are able to drag a lot of people's attention and crowd means more sales from the business. If you fail to get people's attention to hear about what you are selling in the van, there is zero chance of making any sales at all.