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Direct Sales agent versus Online sales agent

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  • Direct Sales agent versus Online sales agent

    Before the dawn of technology and its advancement as well as its involvement in almost all aspects of human life and business, direct sales agents has been the orthodox pattern for initiating any kind of product sales and there are thousands of successful direct sales agents recognized in the world. But with the use of technology recently, online marketers is looking at phasing off direct sales agents participating in the business. In few years to come, do you think that direct sales agents would be able to resist the battle to remain in the same business with online sales agents?

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    I donít really understand the difference between the 2 agents because a direct sales agent can also be an online sales agent. But if what you mean is the physical presence of a direct as against online sales agent then I guess there is much advantage with the direct sales agent. To be frank, sometimes I cannot trust online people whether they are marketing agents of not.