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Instagram dominant in product sales and marketing

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  • Instagram dominant in product sales and marketing

    One thing social media reinforced in the world today is a pool of unlimited customer resources that can never be exhausted. As the day goes by, new user join multiple social media platforms and immediately they are prospective customers for one business or another. Over the years and recently, Instagram has stood out as the leading social media site where massive product sales and marketing are carried out, with lots of influencer offering their promotion services to any client wiling to subscribe to their services.

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    This Instagram influencer was the topic of discussion in last week’s meeting in the office. Instead of paying for a real celebrity that is very expensive, someone proposed to hire an Instagram influencer to endorse our company. Of course, it ignited a heated but positive discussion on the issue. For me, I would still rely on the traditional endorses since Instagram Influencers are not time tested yet


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      From the looks of trends, I'm seeing them being a fierce force to be reckoned with in no distant time because of how the use of social media networks has been evolving over the years. The millions of people using different social networks (Instagram specifically) are there up for grabs for the companies that have the means of using Instagram influencers for reach them as quickly as possible.


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        A working solution to this for me is using social media like Instagram to promote your forum or site. It's really easy, you just need a proper service like ZenPromo that would allow you to get popular very quickly.


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          Most businesses that I have come in contact with never leave out the use of Instagram for their business products promotion because its benefits are almost or more that one gets from the use of other social media sites that are competing for users on daily basis. I just checked out the link you shared, it looks like a great tool to use. I'm definitely going to try out its 7 day trail offer and see how it goes.