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Why do most people choose imported products over home made products?

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  • Why do most people choose imported products over home made products?

    From the way the market is structured recently, it's very obvious from analysis that up to 70% of customers are going for imported products over the products manufactured in their own infant industries. I happened to ask someone regarding the issue lately and she told me most times that quality differs to a great extent which is why she preferred imported products over home made products. Personally, I think it's just psychology and illusion that imported products are better than home made products, although packaging has a lot to do with influencing consumers decision.

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    We call it colonial mentality when people prefer imported products. We were under the Spanish rule for 400 years and later on Americans took control for a decade not to mention the Japanese invasion of 4 years. People just have their own tastes but now more people are enamored with Korean products than Japanese and American products.


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      So, basically it has nothing to do with one's personal taste but rather the mentality that has been influenced by bombardment of foreign culture and values. To be very honest with you, I value customer who still respect their roots when it comes to choosing between foreign and locally made products in as much as how intimidating such imported products are, they still prefer to patronize their home products.