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Continues product price falling

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  • Continues product price falling

    What every business owner or a company wishes for always is to have lots of products stocked up and there would be incredible increase in prices of the products. It means making extra profits than it is supposed to be but the situation they would never wish to have happen is constant fall in the products prices. Take for instance, with what happened to Bitcion earlier this year with lots of investors losing millions of dollars. How should companies battle this problem?

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    This phenomenon happened some decades ago when prices of imported products were falling continuously. The public never suspected that Chinese goods were flooding the country that all other similar goods were suffering from the price cut. After sometime the government took notice and issued a warning. And what warning you may ask? It is a warning to the smugglers of Chinese goods.


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      Seriously, a government without any course or force of action towards implementing the sanctions in those warnings is an utter waste of time because warnings alone would never be enough to stop smugglers to stop their business. Some of these smugglers are out for anything, even to reach to the extent of eliminating any obstacles in their path is nothing to them.