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A continuous task of prospecting

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  • A continuous task of prospecting

    For big companies, prospecting is not much of a concern since they have a bevy of customers that bring good business. But for small companies particularly those with only few clients, prospecting for new customers is a must. There was a time when I had a chat with a logistics manager who said that their company cannot get so much customers because they have several trucks only and an excessive order will entail the costly renting of additional trucks with drivers. Now isnít that a food for thought?

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    To be honest, prospecting is much easier now because of the internet but the traditional company visit is still a must for the marketing officer. A prospective customer will not make a purchase until they see the marketing officer in person because of the prevalence of scams in the internet. But I have to agree that prospecting is a continuous process to be in stride with the competitive market.