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How to increase sales with no new customers

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  • How to increase sales with no new customers

    This was a question that was given to use during one seminar. The lesson was on utilization of resources by the marketing people. Indeed, it seems that it is a trite question because increasing sales means adding more customers. But if you will review the list of customers, most of them are buying from several suppliers which means if they buy from you and also from Supplier A and B then probably you have a chance to increase their order from you and lessen their order with the other suppliers. What else do you think can are the ways on how to increase sales without getting new customers?

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    For big companies it is not a problem to increase the sales with no new customers because they have the strong connection with their customers. I know of a marketing manager for imported floor tiles who has a hold on their suppliers. When there is a need to increase the sales, the orders will be doubled for the month although there will be no order for the next month. That is like whitewashing the sales but it definitely affects the sales chart positively.


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      Indeed everything depends on the client database. If you have loyal customers, you can always share with them info on your new products. But if you haven't got any clients or mostly one-time-purchase clients, you should risk investing before finding out all the cons and pros. That's what we did before we started on our shilajit store


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        I think quality of the products and services can get through everything.