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Competing with imitaion products

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  • Competing with imitaion products

    It was said by one business news columnist that imitation products are always in the market to lure customers because of the cheap price. One way to fight the situation is to use the social media and wage a campaign on the awareness of the public against buying fake products especially those coming from the nearby countries like China and Vietnam. Imitations for branded bags and jeans are flooding the market which not only affect the sales but also affect the reputation of the branded products.

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    I guess imitation products will always be in our midst particularly those products that are coming from China. This is not to malign Chinese products albeit their cheap products are sometimes worth to buy even if the quality is not that guaranteed. Take for example the action camera that is sold for 20k in local money and the Chinese version costs only 1.5k. Thatís less than 10% of the cost of the original. The public is usually focused on prices so those imitation products will thrive here.