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Hiring the ace marketing guy of your competitor

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  • Hiring the ace marketing guy of your competitor

    This issue is not new because it has been going on for generations – pirating the best man of your competitor. I had the experience of being offered a high position in one company that is a direct competitor of our business. It was flattering to receive such an offer but I know the hidden agenda of the company which is to remove me in the roster of their competitor. I actually did not reply to such an offer and until now I hadn’t met the officers of that company for so many years already. But if you can hire the best man of your competitor then I guess that would definitely be an asset.

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    I can see this style of competition in the tv networks. When there is a rising star in network A, for sure network B would give that potential star an offer that cannot be refused. But when the offer is accepted, the rising star will not rise anymore for he would be in the so called freezer with no project and no exposure. But in the logistics industry, I know it is also happening although in a minimal number only because most of the ace marketing guys themselves do the offering of their services to the competition.