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Streamlining the purchasing procedures

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  • Streamlining the purchasing procedures

    I had seen some so called “red tape” in our office when we need to purchase something. It is a sheet of paper that needed to be filled out with details of the requested product that would include the estimated cost. But what hampers the procedure is the 2 lines for approval. One is for the head of the department and another is for the head of the division. I wonder how those officers would understand if we are going to purchase a USB stick. Isn’t that procedure an impediment against efficiency?

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    The red tape you mentioned is very prevalent in government agencies during my time. In fact, there was the so called “mafia” in the purchasing departments that even if there was bidding for the procedure, the bidders are all close to the purchasing officer. That means you cannot qualify to be a bidder if you have no strong connection. But in the private companies, I haven’t heard of too many red tapes especially now that we are in the digital era that computers have been used for efficient processing.