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Battling with counterfeits

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  • Battling with counterfeits

    I don't know if it's a common problem with other sales departments in any industry or company when there are cases of counterfeits used to pay for products and services. It's pretty much very obtainable here and it's a serious problem because if the sales department isn't capable or determined the difference between counterfeits and original currency, it's a total loss to the company which the burnt would be suffered by the department in charge of cash receipt.

    Have you had any experience with counterfeits?

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    I hate to say this but a close friend had an experience in buying from an online store only to find out that the delivered product was a fake. Maybe there should be a stricter measure when ordering from an online store particularly for expensive products like perfume. The problem is when you ask for a refund and send back the product, it takes an eternity before you can receive a reply. The lesson is to never buy from a small online store that may close shop any moment.


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      I don’t think big companies are susceptible to receiving counterfeit money for payments because it is a standard for such sales to be paid by check or credit card. But I know some cases where small companies, particularly retail stores that were victimized by counterfeiters. Over here the “black light” is used to check on the currency to know if it is genuine or fake. They say that an invisible watermark is seen when the money is placed under the lamp that has ultraviolet rays.