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  • Prospecting for new customers

    This is a hard part of marketing that the prospector should have a jolly personality. We know that we are not created equal so you should be aware of the character of your employee before assigning him to prospecting. What we did before when I had my own business was to use the phone for the prospecting work in finding new clients. It was quite effective. But now it is much easier because there is social media and the internet can also be used for that purpose especially when the company has a website.

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    I agree that prospecting is much easier with the use of the internet particularly with big companies that are prospecting big businesses that have their own website or social media account. In the olden days we had to use the phone directory for searching prospects and using the landline phone for that purpose. Compared to the technology that we have now, it is so easy to connect to 100 prospects in one day.