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What to do when it is off-season

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  • What to do when it is off-season

    An example to demonstrate this topic is the product of ice cream makers. During summer there is no question that sales are brisk no matter what area you are servicing. But during the rainy season it is expected for sales to dip although there is no such thing as zero sales because ice cream is considered a universal dessert here. The question now is how to maintain a good level of inventory during off season considering that ice cream is a highly perishable goods that require freezers. I had seen a warehouse of ice cream products with empty and non-operating freezers to save on electricity during off season.

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    This is actually a very serious problem with seasonal products, they are affected by time and weather. So, in a situation where the sales have dropped off pretty much as a result of the time in the season, I think that cutting down on the quantity of production is the best thing to do in order to reduce wasting of resources should you lack adequate storage facilities.