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Is Your Company on top of its Inventory Planning Game?

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  • Is Your Company on top of its Inventory Planning Game?

    Good inventory management, like everything else, starts with good planning. But planning isnít just the start; itís the very foundation of effective inventory control. Inventory planning also happens to be an area that many companies fail to prioritise sufficiently.

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    I would like to say we are good at it. But sadly not..........
    Ain't nothing like playing around with trucks n sheds!


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      I think the inventory is handled by a system particularly with use of computers now. I have experienced a manual inventory when I was a trainee in the car dealerís accessories warehouse. Doing the manual inventory was a difficult job that only trained staff were assigned to do it. But now that computers are used then I guess the inventory is quicker and easier not to mention that it is more accurate. I would hate to handle the inventory system of a warehouse for perishable goods. It is very taxing.