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  • Plastic truck seal

    Plastic Truck Seal
    The Plastic Truck Security Seal is a fixed length indicative plastic seal used for trailers, trucks and transportation equipment.

    The patented Acetal Locking Chamber in a Plastic Truck Seal provides superior tamper resistance.

    The 7.5" long Plastic Truck Fixed Length Seals are an excellent alternative to metal truck seals if you are concerned with security, safety, visibility and readability.

    The HDPE construction of our plastic truck seals works well in all weather conditions.

    Plastic Truck Seals are available in stock in a multiple of colors.

    Consecutive numbers are hot stamped in a contrasting color allowing for the plastic truck seal to be easily read.

    Add: 12 Yen The - Ward 02 - Tan Binh District - Ho Chi Minh City