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Products with increased sales during Easter celebration

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  • Products with increased sales during Easter celebration

    Have you ever taken the time to analyze your company's products sales in numbers with each and every particular season for holidays celebrations such as Easter, Christmas, New Year, Halloween season, and so on? There is definitely going to be a pattern with which sales take place and finding out this hidden secret paves way for capitalizing on the opportunity even before it presents itself so as to have the most likely demanded products in stock before the rush kicks off.

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    Itís not only in Easter but also on big occasions like Christmas when there is a surge in sales due to increasing demand. The rationale for this trend is that people have extra money that they can spend so they buy what they want even if there is no need for that. Remember that the Christmas season is a time for shopping just like any other holidays when there is a need to buy gifts for your loved ones. In our country there is the festive occasions that are celebrated by towns in the rural areas that can also be a cause of increased demand that suppliers have to be aware of.


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      The surge in prices is common during occasions hence we can surmise that businesses are the ones who are inventing occasions like Motherís Day, Fatherís Day and any other Days that can be celebrated so that people will spend money. It is the tradition of stores to stock up their racks with an ample reserve stock in the warehouse for an upcoming big occasion particularly Christmas time so that they will not be caught flat-footed with no more items to sell. People just gobble products so they can have something to give as a gift for the said occasion.


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        There is a common trend here with increasing sales in grain products especially with Rice topping the charts. Rice has proven to be an indispensable commodity most of of our population cannot do without especially in any festive season such as Easter, Christmas, Father's and mother's day etc. In as much as most times, the cost seems to be inflated at the time, it still doesn't stop people from buying them in large quantities.