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Manipulating the market prices

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  • Manipulating the market prices

    How do they manipulate the market price of a particular consumer item? The current issue here is the price of onion. Farmers are complaining that the market price have drastically gone down to 30% of the normal price. As per the investigation, the market is flooded with cheap imported onions. Obviously those imported onions were smuggled hence they could sell it at a lower price. The government is helpless in this kind of situation because they should have full control of the traders. Again, smuggled goods can hurt the economy when it is not controlled.

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    I mentioned something about dumping of goods in one of my threads earlier on and it's very obvious that this singular sinister act is among the top fault to how products and market prices are manipulated both on short sale term and long sales term basis. If the government does not provide adequate legal security and protection for the infant industries and local commercial farms, this can't be stopped.