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Supply chain trends 2018

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  • Supply chain trends 2018

    What are some of the most reliable supply chain trends which can lead the one to adhere to good profit out of the business.

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    Re: Supply chain trends 2018


    These are some of the key industry trends in delivery logistics and supply chain management
    1. Real-time Visibility
    2. Big Data
    3. Sharing Economy
    4. Conquering the Last Mile
    5. Orchestrating Delivery Channels
    6. Openness to the Unknown


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      Re: Supply chain trends 2018

      Enhanced customer service, omnichannel revenue management, AI, Data-driven logistics, are some of the top contributors to repositioning your brand in 2018. This article talks about some of these in depth and other trends of the supply chain in 2018:


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        Re: Supply chain trends 2018

        Vendor Engagement and Advanced Analytics are the 2 key trends in Supply Chain Management to look out for in 2018 along with other points covered in this thread.
        Read our article where we share insights on the latest advancements in vendor engagement and how to apply next gen business analytics to your supply chain here:


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          Re: Supply chain trends 2018

          Great explanation.


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            Regarding the trends in supply chain, what comes to my head is the unusual trend that may hit the products that you are dealing with. An example is the volatile price changes of oil products that is largely dependent on the world market prices. Another trend is the online ordering of products which is now getting popular especially for regular customers. All they do is to click on the order tab and the order is forwarded to the dispatching unit.


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              Increased use of technology in the supply chain business is a popular trend lately especially in the developed world western world where the use of robotics are being incorporated to the fibre of the business. Also, the exploration of all social media in advertising is a huge push for most supply chain business as people need to know more about your business in order to patronize you.