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  • Feedback re biodiesel

    I am currently running a research programme and am looking for some feedback from the transport/haulage industry with regards to the use of biodiesel.

    Some large haulage fleets are currently using biodiesel (Tesco are using 50% in their fleet, 3663 are using, Wincanton have been trialling).

    I was hoping to establish peoples views on the usage of biodiesel.

    What fears do people have?

    What is stopping haulage companies from using biodiesel?

    Based on the fact that biodiesel is cheaper than derv, whether it is 100% biodiesel, or a blend with derv and virtually all haulage companies advise me that they would like to save money on their fuel costs, what therefore is stopping people swithing to biodiesel ?

    If there was a way to overcome these fears, would people consider switching, in order to have the cost savings ?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Re: Feedback re biodiesel


    Here in Australia it is very slow to take off, because at the moment it is actually more expensive to produce than Derv (Normal Diesel)! Due to the years of drought and lack of raw materials for the 'Bio' bit.
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      Re: Feedback re biodiesel

      The Australian Government has shot the Australian Biodiesel industry in the foot by placing an excise tax on the fuel...

      At present, apart from the environmental benefits - there is little incentive for the Australian market to use it.


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        Re: Feedback re biodiesel

        Bio-Diesel certainly is the fuel of the future, but we have to consider how we manufacture it, what land do we use to grow the crops that are needed to produce the raw materials?

        What effect is this going to have on the food chain, if we are using arable land that would have been used for food crop to grow Bio-Diesel crops?

        All these effects have to be considered before this will be an alternative to chemical diesels and petrols.

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