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Is outsourcing better on the long run or short term basis?

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  • Is outsourcing better on the long run or short term basis?

    Companies are always looking for any opportunity to minimize cost and maximize their profits by any means necessary which is why most logistics companies tend to outsource what ever they need to complete a business transaction. Now, looking at the bigger picture which still falls on the company making profits, does outsourcing have more long term or short term benefits?

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    Thank you for posting this question because it is one topic of our discussion in the office last week. In the long run, outsourcing is good for the company in terms of financial returns but in the short run it is a disadvantage to the company regarding loyalty and genuine concern for the welfare of the company.


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      You have a very good point and I'm sure you must have made a good contribution on the topic discussion in your office. The truth is that outsourcing is far more better on the long run basis, some people might dispute it but the benefits it comes with on the long run is far better. Also the business operation size of the company plays a big role in whether the firm would be better off outsourcing or doing the otherwise.