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The future of outsourcing

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  • The future of outsourcing

    One local business analyst said that outsourcing is the future. Big companies are seeing the big advantage of outsourcing not only for a job position but for an entire section or department. In the olden days outsourcing is for the lower positions only and now supervisors and managers are also outsourced. What if there will be no more permanent employees because all the personnel are outsourced?

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      • Outsourcing can improve the efficiency of the enterprise as a whole and use the released organizational, financial and human resources for the development of new directions or concentration of efforts that do not require special attention.
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      Maybe outsourcing will reach the level of top management in the future because companies now realize that they have the upper hand with outsourced workers. A regular employee cannot just be removed while an outsourced worker can always be requested for a replacement immediately. That is not to mention the benefits that they pay to a regular employee, it is loud and clear that outsourcing has many advantages for the company.


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        I would dread the day when outsourcing will be the standard of companies. My take on this is the lost benefits of regular employees. With the outsourcing of managers and eventually the executives as well, there might be no more regular employees that the company would spend for benefits. I have to agree that it is a big savings on the part of the company when all workers are outsourced instead of hired.