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Why is outsourcing getting popular?

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  • Why is outsourcing getting popular?

    This is not exactly a puzzle because outsourcing saves labor costs on the part of the company since outsourced personnel have no benefits. But we have to take note that loyalty is not guaranteed and in fact there are cases where outsourced workers were not performing too well simply because of their status there is no need to work hard since they are not hired by the company.

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    It's part of the backlash of outsourcing workers, in as much as the company was looking at cutting cost by making use of outsourced services, it most times ends badly for the company especially when such workers don't care about how their actions and activities are negatively impacting on the company. It still ends up being a bad business for the comp because the management would end up covering for the lost profits and still run the cost of replacing the outsourced workers that are not willing to deliver.