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The quality of outsourced workers

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  • Corzhens
    started a topic The quality of outsourced workers

    The quality of outsourced workers

    I had the opportunity to work with some outsourced employees that we hired lately. They are earning a higher salary than the regular employees but the catch is that they could only work for 5 months because a worker that stays with the company for 6 months have the right to demand a permanent status. Now this question of quality when it comes to work. Ironically the outsourced staff works better with diligence and dedication. Maybe the mentality is to impress the boss so he would be hired directly and not remain as an outsource. What is your take on outsourced staff?

  • Alexandoy
    In my experience as general manager of a software house, the outsourced programmers were much better in performance than the employees. My take on that is the impression that outsourced programmers want to show so that they can be hired by our company. That attitude may not be the trend but I guess it has the logic to support that idea of giving a good impression. However, I would still opt for the hired programmer than the outsourced because the hired employee can be given a good training for better performance.

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