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8 Reasons Companies Bring Outsourced Operations Back In-house

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  • 8 Reasons Companies Bring Outsourced Operations Back In-house

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    The supply chain industry is constantly in a state of flux, with nothing ever seeming to stay the same for very long. Globalisation, ever-changing customer needs, and other market forces serve to maintain a state of liquidity, requiring companies to re-evaluate strategies and business models on a regular basis.

    Perhaps for that reason, companies that outsource logistics and other activities, sometimes recognize the need to bring competencies back in-house. Thatís no bad thing of course, provided the reasoning behind the decision is sound and the consequences thoroughly evaluated.Why Take Logistics Back In-House?

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    I wonder what the % is these days for Outsourcing? It used to be about 85% outsourced I think?


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      With the mention of competence, I have to agree that outsourced work for the supply chain business will be missing the expertise of long-time workers. The main reason of outsourcing is to save on cost because in the long run a hired worker costs more with the mounting benefits that will end with the retirement pay. Outsourcing can free up the company of such added costs but the mastery of the job is not there when outsourced workers are handling the job.


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        I'm not sure Outsourcing is really about reducing costs. It often increases costs.
        I think it's more about gaining access to essential skills and technology.
        Ain't nothing like playing around with trucks n sheds!