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Research related to performance based logistics/contracts

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  • Research related to performance based logistics/contracts

    Hello everyone.

    My name is Rogerio Machado. I'm a MSc student from Cranfield University.

    I'm currently conducting a research about Performance Based Logistics/Contracts and wondered if maybe any of you had previous experiences with this subject? If this is the case, could you could answer a small survey (10 questions)? I'm new on this forum so hopefully I'm not breaking any rules by asking for some answers here.

    The link for the survey is:

    Thanks in advance for your attention and hope you decide to take the survey!

    Best regards,

    Student - Systems Engineering for Defence Capability MSc - Cranfield University

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    Re: Research related to performance based logistics/contracts

    Logistics is regarded economy backbone providing an efficient and cost-effective flow of products on which other sectors depend. Logistic industry in India is developing rapidly, it is the interplay of infrastructure and new types of service providers, which defines whether the logistic industry is able to help its customers reduce their costs in logistic sector and provide effective services.These are some performance based logistics company in India you should consult.