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    Re: Where to Outsource?

    Originally posted by kirachan View Post
    The best place to outsource is anywhere, really.

    If you can find any place where your money goes further, then go for it.

    Just remember, however, that quality should take precedence over cost in most situations.
    I totally agree. Cutting costs is not everything. There's still a market out there for quality!
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      Re: Where to Outsource?

      Originally posted by Corzhens View Post
      That post is very heartwarming to me. You are right, call center agents here are thought the proper American accent. They undergo 2 weeks of training (provided by most BPO companies here) that gives them not only the accent but an insight on the culture of the Americans. In Cebu, Filipinos have the Cebuano accent hence they needed more training for their English proficiency.
      Those who cant make heart warming to those call center agents which can make training to Cebu (Y)

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        Re: Where to Outsource?

        I have been involved in Outsourcing for about 30 years. Not just Logistics Outsourcing but also the BPO type of Outsourcing discussed here. At one stage I even owned a BPO (in the Philippines)

        My observations regarding India v Philippines are these. Please do not take offence. These are based on experience.


        Good English
        Good technical skills
        Lower cost base
        male agents can have a very 'pushy' attitude on calls and get quite aggressive at times!


        Good English skills
        Good at help desk and telemarketing type calls
        Generally have a 'softer' less pushy approach

        In both cases whilst English skills are good, please understand hat a native English speaker will know after the FIRST word if the call is coming from India or the Philippines. Yes, it really is that obvious. I get telemarketing calls on a daily basis from both countries. I can honestly say in the last 5 years, I have had only 2 calls where I was not sure if I was talking to an overseas BPO agent. In both cases I tried to hire them

        So my point is not to belittle or undermine the language skills of BPO agents. Their language skills are generally excellent. I wish I could speak a second language that well!

        My point, is that they need to appreciate they will be identified as an overseas caller within seconds.... So don't try to hide it, or bluff. Just accept the fact. It's not a negative. I usually ask agents where they are based, and most tell me.


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          Re: Where to Outsource?

          I work with Ukrainian company for outsourcing my business. They are really professionals and provide many good decisions. I chose them because Ukraine is one of the most good and cost-efficient destinations for outsourcing software development. IT industry here is very strong. Here is an article about this


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            Re: Where to Outsource?

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              Re: Where to Outsource?

              I see that thread is old. But hope that my information will be useful to someone. If we talk about the price\quality ratio I suggest Outsourcing in Ukraine. Here you can find more information


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                Re: Where to Outsource?

                India is a highly accepted destination in this regard because of many obvious reasons. Cheaper but skilled pool of professionals, advanced technologies, time zone differences etc. are just a few to mention. For more info regarding Outsource to India and its Benefits