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Best Firewall software to protect company's database from hacks

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  • Best Firewall software to protect company's database from hacks

    Information is becoming a priceless commodity in the world today. Those in the information gathering and sharing business guard their database with utmost protection in order prevent any intrusion and stealing of the company's files and data. Supply chain management also runs with information and as such companies must guard its modus operandi from their competitors in order to stay ahead. So, having said that, what's the best Firewall software to use in preventing database hacks or intrusion?

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    From what I know with the security section of our IT department, the firewall is an imperative part of the computer system particularly the servers that are used by the local networking system. Our company is investing so much money for the security for the prevention not only of viruses and malware but also from hacking such that the firewall is complemented by another security software.


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      The moment any company's IT department slacks on day to day checks and updates or upgrades of their database security system, they are directly creating an opening for all sorts of unnecessarily intrusion by hackers, virus and system crash. System crash is even worst because if there is no way to salvage the company's data or files, it would be great loss to the company which would be very difficult for them to make up for.