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Moonlighting is not illegal but immoral

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  • Moonlighting is not illegal but immoral

    Moonlighting is a term that means an employee is working for another company on a part time basis. It is actually not illegal and it is not easy to determine if your employee is doing a sideline especially when the extra work is done after work hours or during weekends. This issue came to light when one employee in our company was charged with that offense of moonlighting. I will not elaborate but the call center work is not an easy job and perhaps the guy was just trying to unwind with another work for 2 hours every night. If you are the manager, would you tolerate that employee for doing extra 2 hours of work with another company every night?

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    Maybe I have to admit that I had experienced moonlighting during my heyday when I got offers for a part time work in other companies. I donít think it is really immoral as long as you do your best in your regular job. But when your regular job is affected by absences or tardiness then that it what makes moonlighting immoral.