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Retraining of personnel for efficiency and productivity

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  • Retraining of personnel for efficiency and productivity

    Once in a while this topic comes into my mind particularly when I would observe some employees to be lacking in dedication. The lack of efficiency in their effort is noticeable that maybe just a day of seminar can cure it. But for those veterans who still couldn’t cope with the new procedures, I guess they have to undergo proper retraining so that the company’s resources would not be wasted. Retraining of personnel is an added cost to the company but the resulting benefits would be worth it.

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    I agree with that the retraining of employees to enhance the efficiency should be on a regular basis. The supervisor can always recommend the workers who are due for retraining regardless of their term of service in the company. Sometimes even the manager would need retraining course to refresh him of the techniques and styles of good performance that he can render to the company.