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Giving merit increase

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  • Giving merit increase

    Aside from the promotion, a worker is also wishing for merit increase. There are companies that give merit increases to their employees with good performance yearly and that is really a good motivating factor. Lucky are those workers who are employed with such a company because at least there is something to look forward to once a year. If there is a way, every company should have that kind of program for the benefit not only of the employees but also of the company for merit increase will also increase the productivity of the worker.

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    Any benefit is always welcome to the labor force much more if the added benefit is monetary. We have the merit increase program in our company which is an annual benefit given to good performers. The issue in this regard is the rating system that is the main indicator of the amount of merit increase to be granted to the employee. If the rating system is fair and just then Id say it is for the benefit of both the labor and management.