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Giving more benefits to the workers

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  • Giving more benefits to the workers

    The workers union sometimes abuse their position in issuing their demands. Although it is for the benefit of the workers, they should also think of the welfare of the company. When the benefits are excessive the company will suffer. This is not really union-busting but only for moderation purposes regarding union demands. I hope that union officers should also take into consideration the companyís financial position.

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    There are company owners who have genuine concern for the workers and Iíd say there should be no workerís union in those cases. Giving benefits to the workers is like giving a part of your income to the workers, that is the feeling of a businessman. I will not mention the nationality but there is a kind of businessman that really scrimps on the benefits of the workers that sometimes the company pays below the minimum wage allowed by law. The reason for such stingy style is the slow business that the company may shut down if it will be fair and square with the salaries of the workers.