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Restraining a retiring employee who is a good performer

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  • Restraining a retiring employee who is a good performer

    This idea came to mind when I heard one of our executives who was supposed to retire early this year was given a 2-year extension upon the request of the company chairman. The reason is the good performance that maybe the chairman couldn’t trust the successor to the position. This is a big issue if you are the successor to the position because your growth would be stunted. Two years is such a long time to wait for an overdue promotion.

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    On the part of the company, this case of a retiring employee who is indispensable is really a big problem. I know of some old guys who were still working even in their twilight years simply because the company wouldn’t let them go. One of the perks is a one month paid vacation abroad. How I love to be in the position to be offered to stay longer and be given added benefits and perks.