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The issue of gender equality

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  • The issue of gender equality

    There are jobs that are designed for men and there are work positions that are designed for women. When the gender equality is raised in those kind of jobs I guess there should be a clear ruling so that the law will not interfere. Take the case of an office receptionist which is always preferred to be a female. If you assign that work to a male, the office will look drab and boring. What about a job for a male that a female would insist to occupy? This gender issue should be put aside and the company should be clear on its stand vis--vis the specific job positions.

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    This issue of gender has been blown up before regarding the use of office toilets. One LGBT wanted to have his own type of toilet that is not for male nor female. It is a big expense for the company to have a new toilet for that LGBT considering that he is only 1 of his kind, so to speak. I am not against LGBT but I believe that the type of bathroom and toilet that we presently have should be respected. My belief extends to the *** organs that is the main factor in using a particular type of toilet.