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Preventing friction among co-workers

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  • Preventing friction among co-workers

    The issue of friction is prevalent when there is the element of competition. In our company, there is a rating system plus a ranking system. The rating is based on the performance and the ranking is the comparison of the rating against the rating of a peer. That system of ranking is being questioned now in our department because it tends to create friction and indifference among the peers. When there is friction, it is presumed that the efficiency is affected much more with the teamwork.

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    I have to admit that I have experienced the friction in the workplace so many times and my take on the issue is plain professional jealousy. When one worker turns out a good job and praised by the boss, there will be silent protests among the other workers. If the praised worker is amiable and friendly with everyone then I guess that friction will be lessened and in a milder degree. The office has nothing much to do with the friction because it is mainly caused by the workers from their individual characters and personality.