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  • Fun activities after work

    This is a way of bonding for the staff particularly when there are new employees. Having fun activities on Friday nights is getting common with small companies. There was a time when we played board games after work for an hour or two to unwind. But the younger generation has been focusing on drinking sessions which should be discouraged.

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    It's a common thing that happens with most youth staff recently, they all seem to be more likened to having couple of drinks (alcoholic beverages ) all in the name of having fun and binding and leaving out the healthy ways to have fun and bond with their fellow co-workers. Just like you mentioned already, playing board games is a great way to bond with your fellow workers and even help improve your intelligence. Also one can decide to engage in active sports like playing football, handball and swimming.


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      After work, I have no strength for active rest, I come home and fall on the sofa)) Most often I play online games such as . I like these games with graphics and simplicity, it helps me to relax.


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        In the olden days we would be playing billiards, darts or bowling to unwind after work. My officemates would always ask me to come along for a bottle of beer while playing. It was really fun and it is like gaining new friends. But now I guess the most popular games for the young ones are the computer games. Maybe it is also one good way of bonding and for sure they are having lots of fun with the computer games.