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The issue of free accommodation

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  • The issue of free accommodation

    There were several complaints that I saw on a tv program about the free accommodation of a company for their employees. The complaints stemmed from the deduction to the salary as if the employee is renting a space in the building. The department of labor officer said that a company which provides free accommodation should not affect the salary of the employee. If the accommodation is not free and the employee should be charged it should have the approval of the labor department.

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    There should be clear information on how the accommodation bill is charged. If it's not made clear to the workers they would be charged at the end of every month payment for offering them accommodation, it's definitely wrong and such employee have the right to seek redress. Although here, most companies hardly offer free accommodation to their staff and the ones that offer will sub-charge for it.


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      To be honest with the issue, I am not conforming to the accommodation that a company would provide except when the location of the job makes it so difficult for the worker to come to work. Giving free accommodation is generosity on the part of the company or the business owner. But letís not forget that an employee may be an ingrate someday that your generosity will not bear good fruit.