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Accuracy in the performance review

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  • Accuracy in the performance review

    The issue of accurate performance review have been questioned by some of my colleagues because our performance review is twice a year. Consider if the manager has 90 employees under him thn how could he make an accurate evaluation of the performance of his team members? That was my situation before I was assigned to my present position. I admitted that it was too difficult to assess each and everyone in my unit simply because of the big number which is 90.

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    In related topic about merit increase, the rating system should be just and fair so that the performance review will reflect the real rating and not just guessing. I am stating this because there was a time that I had experienced a bad rating from my supervisor. When I complained to the manager, the rating given to me was proven to be inaccurate in many instances. What if I did not complain? I wouldn’t earn the promotion and the merit increase that I deserve.