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Employee database system.

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  • Employee database system.

    Hi guys

    I am looking to gain expertise in a reliable HR Database system that I can then propose as a viable solution for my HR consulting business.

    I've found a couple that seem affordable and suitable for small to medium businesses, I am wondering if anyone has any experience or suggestions in these systems.

    Simple HR

    HR Tracking Database Software

    thanks in advance for your input.

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    Re: Employee database system.

    We use HRMS ORACLE software which is an end to end solution for complete employee life-cycle management. But one drawback I can feel is that it is not that much user friendly. You need to train the employees on how to use it. But the system is very accurate and reliable. It gives instant reports on anything related to an employee.

    If you link this to your attendance tracking mechanism it can even extract automated attendance reports and also process salary accordingly. As our performance appraisal also happens through ORACLE it captures the data and do necessary changes in the remuneration package. It even helps you take out various office communications like increment, promotion, disciplinary or whatever it is. The major benefit is that all these things will be recorded in the employee database and can be retrieved whenever required by the management.


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      Re: Employee database system.

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